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Reasons to Stormproof Your Garage Door

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When you’re looking at brand-new garage doors, considering their storm worthiness is a great idea. Here are some reasons that stormproofing is an important factor to consider as you shop. It May Be Required Some government authorities require that you stormproof your garage door. If you live in an area that is prone to high winds, your garage door can be a huge hazard if it blows off and hits another person’s property or another person at a high velocity. Check with your municipality before buying a garage door to see if they have any requirements on the minimum miles per hour of wind that the garage door should be able to withstand.  You Can Prevent House Damage Securing your garage door in place is not only good for the neighbors. You could be looking at a lot of home damage if the garage door hits your house during a storm. Dented or broken siding and broken windows are two problems that come to mind easily. The garage door may also simply scrape along the house and leave streaks behind.  You Can Prevent Damage to Your Belongings A broken garage door also leaves your garage items vulnerable to wind damage or blowing away. Aside from high winds, heavy rain can seep under a door that isn’t stormproofed and damage storage boxes and other goods.  You May Save Money on Insurance With all of the hazards mentioned above, it may not be a surprise that some home-insurance companies offer you a discount if your door is correctly stormproofed. This is especially true when you live in a storm-prone area. Look at your home insurance policy, because it may specify a certain wind strength for the door.  There are Plenty of Options to Choose From Another reason to stormproof your garage door is that stormproofing methods come in many formats. You have the option to simply use a bracing kit to provide additional support for the door you choose. Another option is to use a fabric stormproofing kit that fastens down around your door, which adds only a little bit of cost and installation time to your garage-door installation. Some people opt to have an entirely separate stormproofing door installed that they can put down only in cases of inclement weather. Speak with your garage-door specialist to see what the best options are for you based on your budget and your aesthetic...

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3 Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is So Noisy

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Some garage doors are more quiet than others, but if yours seems to be making a lot more noise lately than it used to, it could be really bothering you. Not only can a noisy garage door be annoying, but it can also be the sign of a problem, too. These are a few possible reasons why your garage door is so noisy. 1. Its Moving Parts Need Lubrication Every now and then, the moving parts within your garage door system need to be lubricated with a household lubricant. This helps ensure that the parts can move freely and easily, allowing your garage door to function as it is supposed to. If you have not lubricated your garage door’s moving parts lately, there’s a chance that they could squeak or otherwise make noise. 2. There’s Something Wrong with the Track The track that your garage door slides up and down on isn’t supposed to make a lot of noise, but if it is even slightly bent or if it’s clogged with dirt and debris, it could make it difficult for the garage door to move on the track. This can cause it to be quite loud as your garage door attempts to open and close as it is supposed to. Inspect the track for dirt and debris, and clean it, if necessary. If you notice that the track is bent or otherwise damaged, even if the damage appears to be minor, you will want to hire a garage door repair professional to come out and assess the problem. 3. A Bolt or Screw Could Be Loose Of the many bolts and screws in your garage door system, it’s possible for one to become a little bit loose after daily operation. However, a loose screw can cause rattling and other unpleasant noises. Depending on what is loose, it could also pose a danger and could make your garage door work less effectively. It’s a smart idea to check the bolts and screws yourself on a routine basis and to have your entire garage door inspected by a pro once a year to look for these types of problems. Luckily, if this is the cause of the excessive noise, simply retightening the fastener or replacing it should remedy the problem. As you can see, if your garage door is noisy, there are various things that could be causing it. These are three potential causes that you can address or talk to a garage door repair professional about to try to quiet your garage door down. You can also go to websites like for more...

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Convert Your Garage Into A Different Room With The Help Of A Garage Door Screen

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If you find that you’re consistently short on available space in your home but that your garage is typically cluttered and seldom used, it’s worthwhile to think about transforming the space and essentially turning it into living space. To do this, you might want to think about installing a garage door screen — especially if you live in a climate in which you’d enjoy fresh air flowing into the room. Garage door screens are available in several styles, but they’re typically mounted inside the door; when you raise the door, the opening will be protected by the screen. Some screen even have small doors that allow you to pass in and out. Here are some room ideas. Fresh-Air Eating Area During the hot months of summer, it’s enjoyable to get outside and eat on the patio, but not if you’re routinely bothered by flies, bees and other outdoor pests. If you and your family love entertaining guests for meals but are looking for a way to do so without being bothered by insects, turning your garage into a fresh-air eating area is ideal. You’ll be able to open the garage door and allow the fresh air — but not any flying pests — to enter into the space through the screen. Because you don’t have to worry about rain entering the garage, you can use a comfortable dining room set instead of uncomfortable plastic outdoor tables and chairs. Craft Room Or Workshop Whether you enjoy crafts or woodworking, you might often face a challenge of where to perform these hobbies. Indoors can be problematic if you’re using strong-smelling paints or making lots of sawdust, while outdoor activities are dictated by the weather. Converting your garage into a craft room or a workshop is ideal. The inclusion of the screen means that any paint fumes will flow outside, while any sawdust you generate can be easily swept up and pushed through the small door in the screen. Music Room If you have musicians in your family, a garage door with a screen makes for a perfect rehearsal room. You can think about soundproofing the three other walls, and then opening the garage door and allowing the sound to filter out through the screen so that it’s not excessively noisy inside the space. This can be preferable to having the musicians practice outside, as speakers, amplifiers and other electrical components don’t mix well with the rain — in the garage, you won’t have to worry about this problem. For more garage door solutions, contact a company like Caspersen Garage...

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What Is Wrong With Your Garage Door Cable?

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Among the many problems that might befall your garage door, having a broken, loose, or otherwise damaged garage door cable can cause your garage door to cease working correctly. Throughout the course of this brief article, you’ll learn just what a garage door cable does and how it might fall into a state of disrepair. What Is A Garage Door Cable? Although not necessarily an integral garage door part, a cable is one of the prime safety precautions at work on your garage door. If your garage door cable stops working, some garage doors simply will not allow you to open the door as a safety precaution. The cable acts as a safeguard for the springs, which are attached to the headboard and allow the door to pull open and push shut. If the springs become loose or detached, the cable will perform the same actions until replacement springs can be purchased. How Will You Know There Is Trouble? If your garage door is emitting a high pitched whining sound, then chances are, this is your garage door cable wearing and thinning out. If your garage door is manual, and you’re finding that it is becoming somewhat hard to open by your own hand, then this could also be indicative of the fact that your garage door cable is thinning out. Check out your headboard if this is the case, the cable is easy to spot, and you will easily be able to tell if the cable is stripped or is thinning out. What Are Some Of The Dangers Associated With Thinning Cables? One of the biggest issues associated with a dying cable is that they leave your springs to their own devices. Although it is rare, there is a chance that if the springs slip loose from their casing, they can shoot out of your garage door at a very high speed. This can be incredibly dangerous, and can be responsible for property damage inside of your garage, or if someone is present, a potential injury. There are occasions where springs have put holes in dry wall that are upwards of half an inch deep. A snapped cable can also cause the door to quickly slide shut, which can cause injury or damage to property. Having to replace a garage door cable can be a tricky proposition, but hopefully this brief guide has outlined why it is imperative that you do so. Contact a business that handles garage door repair for more information....

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Three Indicators That Should Prompt You To Call A Garage Door Contractor

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It’s easy to get into the habit of opening and closing your garage door multiple times per day without ever really thinking about its operation. And while you might expect your door to last for years on end, the reality is that with each use, several working parts are slowly deteriorating or moving out of place. Over time, these parts can loosen and otherwise develop issues that can affect the proper operation of the door. Fortunately, there are often a variety of indicators that suggest your garage door needs some work. Be vigilant about watching for these issues, and be ready to call a garage door contractor upon noticing them. Misaligned Bottom If you notice that the bottom edge of your garage door is no longer sitting flush with the floor of your garage once the door is in the closed position, it’s time to get your contractor on the phone. This issue is symptomatic of a significant degree of looseness in the panels on one side of the door. You should be able to notice this by looking at each of the panels and seeing how they connect to each other. The concern is that the shift in the weight of the door can possibly pull the door off its tracks, which could lead to a severe injury for anyone in the door’s path. Your contractor will be able to get everything tightened up and ensure that there are no other issues that have resulted from the looseness. Heavy Vibration During Use Any garage door will vibrate slightly while it’s moving, but if you notice that the door is excessively noisy or you can actually feel it vibrate on your hand, you need to have it looked at by your contractor. The issue could be looseness in some of the hinges, but there’s also a chance that something is wrong with the rollers. Diagnosing the nature of the problem can be a challenge without adequate experience, but your contractor will be able to get to the bottom of the issue quickly. Difficult To Move If you suddenly have an extremely difficult time opening or closing your door by hand, stop trying to move it immediately and book a visit with your garage door contractor. Sudden difficulty moving the door is often a sign that some of the door’s rollers have come off the tracks, which means that there’s a heightened risk of the door falling off the tracks completely and injuring you. Your contractor will know the right way to address the issue safely and will have the door operating smoothly again soon. Go to sites about garage door maintenance for more...

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Open And Shut: Three Of The Most Common Mistakes When Shopping For A Garage Door

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Garage doors in general are pretty durable, lasting about 30 years if taken care of properly. Since it’s such a rare purchase, most people don’t know too much about what to look for in a garage door. If you’re shopping for a new garage door, be aware that it’s easy to make a mistake in your selection. Here’s a look at three of the most common mistakes people make when choosing a new garage door. Not Considering Insulated vs. Non-Insulated Non-insulated garage doors are in general a little less expensive than insulated ones, but there are times when the extra cost is warranted. If a garage is directly below an occupied room, you’re going to want an insulated door. An insulated garage door will not only help reduce your utility bill, but it will actually help dampen outside sound. An insulated garage door is especially helpful if your garage directly faces the sun, as the garage will potentially get pretty warm, which will in turn impact rooms connected to the garage. Not Considering Material Aluminum doors are perfect for areas with a lot of humidity, as they’re resistant to rust. But there aren’t a lot of choices in color or style. A steel door offers much more in the way of customization (like color and insulation level), but has a much wider range of potential prices thanks to levels that range from single layer to insulated to double insulated. Then of course there are wood doors, which offer beautiful options for customization, but require much more maintenance. Homeowners looking for the beauty of wood with a little less hassle can choose a composite wood garage door, which has a similar look, but is resistant to cracking and rotting. Not Considering Safety Garage doors are pretty large, so they need to be able to withstand some rough conditions. If you live in an area that’s vulnerable to hurricanes or frequent storms, make sure your garage door is strong enough (maybe even supported with extra brackets and braces). Some garage doors include what’s known as a passive reinforcement system, meaning they’re stronger than normal garage doors without any additional hardware. Shopping for a new garage door can seem like a pretty daunting task, because it’s simply something that most people don’t know too much about. But with a little preparation beforehand, you can go in to this decision like a pro and have your new door in no time. For assistance, talk to a professional like Kaufman Overhead...

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3 Ways You Can Help Your Garage Doors Last Longer

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With proper care and maintenance, your current garage doors should last for up to 10 years without giving you many issues. How you take care of your garage doors can determine just how long you should expect them to last. Here are 3 ways you can help your garage doors last longer, so you can avoid replacing them in the near future.  Only open them when needed Sure, it’s convenient to open the garage doors to walk out of your garage when you are grabbing something small, like a tool or a can of paint. Yet every time you operate your garage doors, you place pressure on the springs, which will lead to eventual repairs or replacement. The average garage door spring will last up to 10,000 cycles, or 10,000 times of you opening and closing your garage door. Try to avoid using your garage doors as a common exist or entry method for the people in your home, unless it involves parking a vehicle or moving large equipment or toys out of your garage that would be inconvenient to move through the house. If you want your garage door springs to last, consider replacing them with thicker springs. The thicker the spring, the more resilient it is against many cycles. Have them inspected once a year Your garage doors require maintenance just like other major appliances in your home. You want to have an expert garage door repair person to inspect your garage doors for issues with springs, the motor, or the tracks the doors glide on. Smaller issues are much easier to repair and can take less time than repairs that have gone unchecked. Repairs are typically charged by the hour plus parts. Common repairs include: stuck or slow-moving doors slamming doors due to loose springs jamming motors Replace door openers Garage door openers are convenient in allowing you to open and close your garage doors without having to manually close them. Door openers also help prevent undue pressure or damage that can be placed on your doors by someone pulling too hard on the emergency string or using their hands to abruptly stop them. Replace garage door openers as they begin to fail so you are less tempted to operate your garage doors by hand. If you want your garage doors to last longer, there are a few things you can do. Replace door openers as needed, have your garage doors inspected regularly, and try to use your doors as little as possible to help extend their lifespan. Contact a local outlet, such as DSI Door Services North Shore, for further...

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Two Tips To Help Make Your Garage Doors Both Functional And Attractive

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When you’re building a new home, your top priority is likely making sure that the interior areas of your home are exactly the way you planned.  However, one of the most important, but sometimes forgotten, components of your new abode is the garage door.  This door will put in quite a bit of work each day, protecting your vehicles from the elements and serving as a great way for you to get a “valet” entrance into your home each day.  Learning more about what you can do to make your garage door even more functional and attractive can help you choose a door that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Functional:  Choose Insulated Doors A traditional garage door typically consists of a large piece of aluminum that lifts and lowers on command.  However, aluminum is a material that naturally transfers cold and heat from the outside of your home to the inside.  This can wreak havoc on your heating and cooling unit because it then has to work that much harder to maintain the climate that you’ve set on your thermostat.  As a result, your energy bills may increase. Make sure that you choose garage doors that are as functional as possible by going for the energy efficient edition.  Energy efficient garage doors are created with two distinct panels that are connected with a thick sheet of insulation between the panels.  The insulation keeps more indoor air from seeping outside, while also absorbing some of the heat from the rays of sunlight on the outside of the door so the hot air won’t radiate inside.  Attractive:  Make Your Garage Door The Centerpiece If you want to make your home stand out from the rest, you have to change the way you view garage doors.  These doors take up a considerable portion of the front or side of your house, and therefore should be as attractive as possible so you can enjoy maximum curb appeal. The possibilities are nearly endless.  For example, you can choose a faux French garage door, giving the illusion that the door consists of two panels that open outward.  Or, you can choose a rustic, medieval solid wood door if you want to go for an enchanted feel. Obtaining a garage door that is both practical and beautiful doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to do.  When you’re selecting your garage, keep these tips in mind so you can have a garage door that looks as good as it...

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Screen Doors For Your Garage – What Are Your Options?

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Your garage is one place that you can escape from summer’s heat for enjoyment or to get a chore or two done. Unfortunately, mosquitoes, bees and all sorts of other insects want to use your garage as much as you do, so leaving the garage door open just isn’t an option unless you install a garage door screen. Below, you will learn about the different types of garage door screens available to help you decide what would work well for your home and your budget. Affordable and Easy The fastest and most affordable way to install a garage door screen is to purchase a cheap kit that comes with everything you need all rolled into one small package. The package includes rolls of Velcro with adhesive backing and the screen. To install this type of screen, you simply clean the area around your garage door opening where you will be adhering the Velcro. Peel the backing off of the Velcro and stick it in place. Attach the screen to the garage door opening by connecting the Velcro on the screen to the Velcro on the garage opening. If you have a double-stall garage, the screen kit you purchase for an opening that size will include screens with built-in magnets to hold the center opening of the screen closed. Roll-Up Retractable Screen This type of screen requires a little more installation work and is more expensive, but it does a great job and is easy to care for. The screen comes on a long roller and is installed at the top of the garage opening. When you want to enclose the garage with the screen, you simply pull the screen down and attach it to a hook or two on the bottom corners of the garage opening. It works a lot like those old window blinds that roll up and down. Framed Screens Framed screens are the most expensive option, but they are a wonderful addition to your garage. These have a full frame built to fit your garage opening and they open and close just like your garage door does. They do require professional installation, but when the work is done, you have a permanent screen that can even have an optional entry door built into it. If you are considering a screen door to expand your living space or to keep the pests out of your workspace, talk with your garage door sales and installation professional to learn more about your...

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Garage Door Won’t Open? What Can Cause This To Happen

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Are you having a hard time getting your garage door to open? There are several possible reasons why you are experiencing this problem, and it may simply mean that you need a new garage door. In this article, find out what could be preventing your garage door from opening. What Can Lead to a Garage Door Not Opening? If you have only tried opening the garage door with the remote, the problem may stem from the remote needing a new battery.  Try replacing the battery to see if it solves the problem. If a new battery doesn’t help, you can reprogram the remote to work with the door sensors by unplugging your garage door for about a minute and plugging it back in. You can also try opening the garage door from the wall switch to make sure the remote is not the problem. The garage door motor can also prevent the door from opening if something is wrong with it. The motor may need to get rewired or the antenna on it may not be in good shape. You can check your electrical panel to make sure the circuit breaker to the garage is on before assuming that the motor is damaged. If the circuit breaker is off, simply turn it back on to fix the problem. It the motor is the reason your door is not opening, you will need the help of a garage specialist, like Shank Door, to make repairs. A specialist can also inspect the actual garage door in case it is damaged. If you have a metal garage door, it is possible that it is dented up. Sometimes garage door dents can be removed by a specialist, but too many dents may make it necessary for you to invest in a replacement. How Affordable is a Garage Door Replacement? The affordability of a garage door replacement will depend on the material it is constructed out of. The size and quality of the door will also be factored into how much money you will spend. You can expect to pay an average of up to $3,000 or more to replace a wooden door and about $1,200 for a steel door. Not being able to get inside of the garage by lifting up the door can be a headache when you want to park your vehicle in it. A few simple repairs by a professional should resolve the problem if the actual door is not the issue. However, you can contact a specialist to replace the garage door if you need a new...

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